Strategy Sessions and Workshops

When was the last time you had a REAL conversation about your business? Our digital strategy workshops and coaching enable you to partner with us for an external perspective, guidance and validation. We go deep into the areas that will have a positive impact on your business and/or lives. Our results driven approach means outcomes are evident, grounded and well considered. Heath heads up these sessions, bio available here.

$250.00$8,800.00 inc GST

Owners of and leaders within small businesses. You would ideally have a successful business and are ready to ‘up your game’ or need an external sounding board to review, validate and pressure test ideas. We consult around the pillars of small business including, sales and marketing, digital strategies, automation, operation and financial management and team engagement/performance.

Our strategy workshops are highly immersive and consultative in their approach. We prefer face-to-face, but can also operate virtually.

Included is:

  • Our relevant team members that best suit your business, industry and objectives
  • Any materials and meeting spaces as required
  • Direct access to our Director, Heath Maguire
  • Consolidated briefing notes, outcomes and blueprints
  • Our workshop pricing includes pre and post research and strategy development
  • Unless stated otherwise we try to keep a max of 6 participants in our workshops + our facilitators
  • Unless stated otherwise ‘Sounding Board’ and ‘Coaching Sessions’ are virtual
Typically this item is ready in: hours to months
Come with an open mind and be ready to answer some tough questions. No rock will be unturned as we seek out opportunities, manage threats and revolutionise your business and processes. Your commitment is paramount to the success of our recommendations. By truly partnering with us, the outcomes are exponentially better.
  • Fire away, what’s on your mind?

Strategy Sessions and Workshops:

$250.00$8,800.00 inc GST

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