Chris Paradowski



There’s a good chance you got to meet and speak with Chris.

We choose to introduce ourselves to new clients for any number of reasons. It could be that your website needs some attention, a part of your site that resonated with us, or we may have simply spotted an opportunity that we really want to share with you.

In any case, we love helping businesses succeed.

We approach things with an open minded curiosity as we believe yesterday’s solutions are tomorrow’s challenges and sometimes it really takes an external perspective to completely change your landscape. 

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More About Chris

Chris has a diverse background in business management. Having worked in highly competitive and process oriented industries, his ability to model, prototype and hypothesise is uncanny. 

Chris recently joined Wolf IQ to manage a growing portfolio of digital startups and clients. His attention to detail and dedication are enviable. He welcomes and onboards new clients and sets them up for success.

Chris is genuine, experienced and always keen to explore with clients.