Top marketing tips for tradies

It can be tough to find the time to spend marketing your business when you are flat out on the tools. You may not even know where to start. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Strong customer relationships are key. Tradies need to be visible where it counts. When a customer needs a tradie, it’s often for a job that needs to be completed in a hurry, so you need to make sure your target audience knows you, trusts you, and can instantly find your business.

Ask for a review

Online reviews are a great way to improve your search results on Google. Even if a potential customer doesn’t read the actual review, the yellow stars make an impact. When you finish a job, ask your client to leave a review on Google or Facebook or send them a request for a review when you email them your invoice. Did you know that you can automate the reviews process? Smart Reviews can send out a personalised request for reviews via email or SMS and feature your top-rated reviews on your website and other marketing material.

Send unconverted clients a follow-up email

Any lead holds the possibility of a sale, so it is important to follow up with clients who didn’t book with you. Even if this doesn’t generate an immediate response, you’ll be reminding them of your details and giving yourself a chance to be considered when they next need a tradie.

Post on your social media

Time to get your socials working. Put up posts on Instagram, Facebook, and your Google Business Profile of recently completed jobs. Take pics from interesting, fun angles and make sure your content is engaging and exciting. You can even post videos of unique or challenging projects you have completed. You could jump on board the DIY bandwagon and post a ‘how-to’ video of something relevant to your business or service. This shows your expertise and leadership position in your industry.

Reply to comments on your social media

By replying to comments on your social media (both positive and negative), you demonstrate that you care about what your customers think. It shows that you are responsive and genuine, and it’s an excellent opportunity to personalise your business.

Join local Facebook groups

Look for opportunities to post in relevant Facebook groups to attract new business. These groups may be for residents in your local suburbs or relevant to a particular niche, such as ‘Hills District Trades’.

Give LinkedIn a crack

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s easy to set one up. Keep it up to date and look for new connections that may generate leads.

Start flashing your business cards

We know this is an old-fashioned marketing trick, but it works. Drop off some business cards at your local cafes, your supplier’s offices etc., to spread the word.

Fire up your digital marketing strategy

Your business needs to be front and centre of search results where local customers search online for a business like yours. Have a chat with a digital marketing specialist about a strategy that will boost your online presence and ensure that your website is found pronto.

The good news is that partnering with a rockstar digital marketing agency like Wolf IQ can take care of the heavy lifting for you and set you up for success, so you can focus on doing what you do best. While you are busy providing outstanding service to your customers, our team can automate and remarket your 5-star reviews, spruce up your website, send follow-up newsletters to potential clients and make sure you show up on page one of local Google searches. Sound good? Reach out today!

Written by Chris Paradowski

Chris has a diverse background in business management. Having worked in highly competitive and process oriented industries, his ability to model, prototype and hypothesise is uncanny.

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