People buy from people…How’s your About Us page shaping up?

Hey there! Buckle up because we’re about to embark on an exciting journey to create a unique and creative About Us page. Say goodbye to boring, generic content and hello to a captivating tale that connects with your audience. Get ready to unleash your brand’s unique personality and set the stage for success.

In this article, we’ll dive into the essential elements and strategies for crafting a killer About Us page that tells your company’s story and convert visitors into customers

Define your purpose and audience

First things first, let’s figure out the purpose of your About Us page. Are you here to inspire trust, flaunt your expertise, or simply introduce your awesome team?

Understanding your purpose will help you craft a focused, interesting narrative that speaks directly to your target audience. Trust us, when you know your why, the how becomes a breeze!

Don’t forget your audience

As you write your About Us page, remember your target audience. Imagine who is most likely to be reading it. Visualise your prospective customers’ wants, needs, objections, and triggers.

Are you talking to a new mom with a baby? An IT professional or someone with limited tech knowledge? A senior citizen or a school-age child? Each persona or demographic requires a different approach in your copy.

Tailor your language to speak directly to your visitors. Relate to them and address their specific needs. Tap into their emotions and motivate them to take action. Understanding and connecting with your audience is key.

Tell a compelling story

Forget about dull corporate jargon and embrace the art of storytelling. Your About Us page is an opportunity to showcase the unique story behind your brand. Engage your audience with an authentic, captivating narrative conveying your mission, values, and vision.

Use storytelling techniques to make your brand relatable and memorable. Share anecdotes, challenges you have overcome, or pivotal moments that shaped your journey. Remember, a compelling story has the power to forge a genuine connection with your visitors.

Get personal

Everyone knows the About Us page is written or at least approved by the website’s owner. So go ahead, and use first person (I) or first person plural (we), depending on which is more appropriate for your situation.

Corporate-speak copy is boring. So is the excessive use of jargon. A visitor to your website wants to know a real human is behind this business. Be conversational in your copywriting. Write as though you’re speaking face-to-face. A friendly tone will make you more likable.

Convey the passion you feel for your company’s mission. Be sincere and personal as you tell the story of your brand. There’s nothing wrong with letting your personality shine through. You can still appear professional while being casual in your writing.

As in real life, be authentic. Your sincerity will shine through. Write as if you’re speaking to an individual, not a company or group of people. As far as your visitor is concerned, they are the only one reading your About Us page and the only one you’re building a relationship with. So, for example, it’s better to say “We offer you” as opposed to “We offer our clients” or “We offer people.”

Highlight your unique value proposition

Your About Us page is the perfect platform to flaunt your stuff about what sets you apart. Pinpoint your unique value proposition and deliver it in a concise, powerful punch. Explain how your products, services, or approach differ from others in your industry. Showcase your strengths, making it clear why visitors should choose you over your competitors.

Humanise your brand

Let’s face it, people connect with people, not faceless corporations. It’s time to bring your brand to life by introducing the superheroes behind the scenes. Shine the spotlight on your team, revealing their roles, passions, and what makes them unique. Don’t forget to include professional photos to build trust and familiarity. Add some trust-boosting certifications, awards, and testimonials to prove you’re the real deal.

Use engaging design

Spice up your About Us page with a design that reflects your brand’s personality. Incorporate eye-catching visuals like high-quality images, engaging videos, or even some nifty infographics. Break up the text with strategic whitespace to make it an easy reading experience. Oh, and please don’t forget to make your page mobile-friendly because ain’t nobody got time for desktop-only sites!

Incorporate calls to action (CTAs)

Want to turn visitors into die-hard fans? Don’t forget to sprinkle some CTAs throughout your About Us page. Whether it’s inviting them to join your VIP newsletter, follow you on social media, or explore your latest products, CTAs are your secret weapons to convert casual visitors into paying customers. Ka-ching!

Update regularly

An outdated About Us page can give the impression of an inactive or neglectful business. Update it whenever you have exciting news to share, new team members to introduce, or milestones to celebrate. Keeping your About Us page fresh demonstrates your commitment to staying relevant and engaged with your audience.

Include social proof

You’ll establish a sense of legitimacy and credibility by sprinkling social proof throughout your About Us page, with awards, press coverage, testimonials, and professional affiliations.

Promote your social media accounts

Someone who wants to do a thorough job of getting to know you may be willing to check out your social pages on Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. The same goes for your blog.

Promote these pages in your About Us write-up to allow people to see additional dimensions of your personality or your company’s. It’s also a great way to add followers and turn casual supporters into raving fans.

Photos catch the eye

As a copywriter, I’d love to tell you that visitors to your site are most interested in reading your text. However, the truth is we live in a visual world. Many people skim text, pausing just long enough to get the gist and determine its relevance to their needs.

Pictures, though, grab their attention, adding colour to your page and often making a bigger impression than any copy ever could, although it pains me to admit that!

Photos also help establish trust. A recent Bright Local marketing survey revealed that 64% of consumers put more trust in a real business owner photo, as opposed to a stock image.

While stock photos can work on some of your other pages, you don’t want to use something generic for the About Us page. Your potential customers want to get to know you, not the cheesy model posing in front of a too-perfect background.

Include your real photo and pictures of your employees with products if appropriate. These don’t have to be professional photos, they can be pictures taken in your work environment doing what you love.

Consider adding a video

Did you know that almost 75% of customers prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information, according to HubSpot. And among tech-savvy Millennials, 7 out of 10 are likely to watch a company video while shopping online.

Consider adding a dynamic “Message from the CEO” or a quick video tour of your facilities or products. It doesn’t have to be a major production—just an effective way to deliver your brand message in a snappy 60-second clip.

Test for clarity

Ask someone who doesn’t know your business to read your About Us page. Then give them a quick pop quiz. Ask them what they think your business does and why it’s successful. They should be able to answer with ease.

To know you is to like you

When creating your website’s About Us page, look upon it as an opportunity to begin building a relationship with prospective customers. Maximise its value by imparting useful, interesting information, not fluff. If you’re struggling with the words, our team is here to help!

The Internet is packed with websites selling similar goods and services. Your About Us page should be uniquely yours. It’s your story and your opportunity to establish a connection with your potential customers.

So go ahead, give them a peek behind the scenes. Once your visitors get to know you, they’ll like you. And if they like you, they’ll trust you. And if they trust you, they’ll give you their business. Boom!

Written by Andrea Sevilla

Andrea is our Marketing Consultant & Copywriter who works with our clients to craft content for their websites, blog articles, promotional materials and more!

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