WP Perk Overview

WP Perk was created to service a growing gap in the website market. All to often business owners would either create their WordPress website themselves, let a ‘friend of a friend’ do it or get budget solution by an online freelancer. They were left with a website that didn’t accurately represent their business, was slow, and not something they could be proud of. Whenever they tried to get help, their ‘web guy’ was missing in action and the site continued to cripple their business. 

The obvious (and often most effective solution) was to engage a professional team to start again. But, not all businesses have the time or budget to take this approach. We were tasked with creating a super efficient, affordable and scaleable company to help these business owners. 

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Create a solution for the small-to-medium business market, that facilitated the rescue or replacement of failing websites. The solution must be fast, stable and affordable. Support must be rapid, top-notch and have a serious ‘can-do’ attitude. There also must full accountability for the performance of the website with daily checks, regular updates and monthly reporting. 

For those clients that need a new website, they should be able to access leading solutions for a fraction of the cost and have them live within 5 business days. It was a tall order, read on to find out more about our solution. 

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There were many (welcomed) challenges to overcome, here are some of the more interesting ones: 

Our solution

Given our experience in this space, we were the obvious agency to take this idea from concept to reality. Our first step was to get the ‘bones’ right. We procured a contract with Google to host the WP Perk clients’ websites. From a speed a security perspective, it really doesn’t get much better than Google. 

Next we needed to build the team. The developers had to know WordPress (the platform the websites are built on) like the back of their hands. We partnered with an industry recruitment company and mapped out the skills and cultural aspects we desired for these new roles. We also created some typical tasks (some easy and some advanced) to be completed as part of the recruitment process. We soon built a team capable of managing more than 200 initial websites. 

We then turned our attention to the company’s financial modelling. We knew the key costs and created a three-tiered subscription plan for WP Perk. The pricing enabled a fair profit in order to grow the company, but, a conscious effort was made to keep the prices as low  so we could stay true to the mission helping the small-to-medium business owners. The monthly subscription enabled access to businesses that simply didn’t have the ability or desire for large upfront bills. 

WP Perk has been a great success and attracted clients from many industries. There has been an added benefit of other digital agencies partnering with WP Perk. By providing wholesale development, hosting, maintenance and support to these agencies, WP Perk is able to help an exponentially larger segment of the small-to-medium business market.