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The team at Wolf IQ exist to help businesses thrive. We are passionate about getting to know our clients and their businesses and working with them to grow. 

This month we officially welcome a tribe of loyal customers from WP Perk to join us here in the Wolf Pack. By transitioning from a WP Perk customer, you now have access to more services and our highly experienced team.

Wolf IQ is a full-service digital agency. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We will always provide unique solutions for your business needs.

Here’s an insight into our approach, read on to learn more! 


We have you covered whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level. When it’s time to step it up, we can refresh your logo and branding, make sure your website is running at peak performance and manage your reviews and reputation to prepare for growth.


We make you magnetic! Your ideal customers will be drawn to you with a balanced blend of print material, online ads and local search marketing.


Finally, we ensure your customers are your biggest fans with our mix of email marketing, loyalty programs and customer feedback.

Grow your empire

If you’re hungry (like the wolf) to grow your business, we’re here to feed you all the good stuff.

Website design and development

First impressions count, don’t waste yours.

For most businesses, their website is the ‘hub’ for all their marketing, messaging and branding opportunities. A good website can tell your brand story, sell 24 hours a day or run your entire sales operation. Our team can craft a custom website perfectly suited to your business needs. A website is not a ‘set and forget’ tool. We design and manage our client’s websites to guarantee a return on your investment and time.

Website hosting and optimisation

Is your website safe, fast and working hard for your business?

We make sure your website is running at peak levels and is in better condition than the day it was launched. If your website is looking tired, running slowly or needs updating, then our experienced team can help. When we welcome a new client, we move their website to our servers in Google’s data centre, fix it up, and ensure that everything is secure and current.

We then work with you to continually enhance, tweak and update the site so that it becomes one of your business’s most valuable assets. Our team is always available to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Don’t worry if your old developer has gone missing in action. We can take the reins and get you back up and running in no time!

Branding, design and print

A strong brand has the power to ensure you stand out in all the right ways.

Your brand encapsulates everything about your business, from how it makes your customers feel through to what your new employees will experience on day one. There is more to a visual identity than just a logo. We guide you through this process, regardless of what stage your business is at. Our in-house consultants and designers will ensure that your target market hears, sees, and feels precisely what you want them to!

Online systems and automation

Working for you day and night, whether you are there or not.

The internet is a competitive, ever-changing marketplace. The right strategy combined with powerful and practical automated systems will give you an edge over your competitors. You’ll attract more customers and spend less time, money and energy winning them over.

Imagine being able to capture new leads on your website, build customer confidence through automated responses, deliver products while you sleep, and track all your prospects and clients without lifting a finger. For many of our clients, this is their reality.

When you automate daily tasks, you have more time to focus on growing your company.

Attract your customers

Become genuinely magnetic to your customers with the right strategy and tools.

Online review marketing

Are your reviews winning you new customers?

Our clever new pup – Smart Reviews, automates the collection of reviews and promotes them for you. Sounds simple, huh – that’s because it is! When customers want to find something, they Google it. Plain and simple. Your business needs to show up at the right time. Reviews are a powerful way to help you outrank your competition in search results and promote your business. Learn more about how it works!

Local search engine marketing

Make sure your business shows up in the right place at the right time.

Our local search engine marketing specialists will optimise your digital footprint. Ensuring you show up higher on Google’s results page, leading to more potential customers finding your business.

Google looks at hundreds of factors on and off your website to determine if it’s relevant to display as a search result. Your digital footprint determines whether or not you show up as a top result to an enquiry that a user types into Google.

Many factors influence your visibility in Google searches, but keep in mind that local search continues to grow and change, and it’s our job to keep on top of those updates for you. Once you start to improve each important factor, you’ll be able to serve more people in your local area and grow faster.

Google Ads

In a sea of endless searches, why wouldn’t you drop a line in and see what you can catch?

The Google network has something for businesses of all sizes, budgets and advertising goals.
The majority of all search result pages include Google ads. Paid for by businesses, Google ads can be an extremely effective way to drive relevant and qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products and services your business offers.

Google has a massive reach. When people have a question that needs answering, their first stop is usually Google. And if you can help them find the answer, even with an ad, they’re more likely to choose you than your competitor. Our in-house Google Ads expert can help turbo-charge your leads and sales!

Nurture your fans

The key to turning your customers into raving fans is demonstrating genuine care for them and their needs.

Email campaigns

Think of them as love letters to your customers. We all like a little attention now and then, right?

The use of email marketing allows you to promote your products and services and reward customer loyalty. Make customers aware of new products, business updates, discounts, and other services on your email list. It can also be used as a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand, generate new leads, or keep them engaged between purchases.

Email marketing can help you build a relationship with your audience while driving traffic to your blog, social media, or anywhere else you’d like your community to visit. You can even segment your emails and target users by demographic, so you only send people the messages they want to see most. Let’s talk about email marketing strategy today!

Content writing

Do you want unique, engaging and fresh content on your website? We can help!

Our professional copywriters will take the time to get to know you, your brand, your personality, and your goals. We will then begin crafting content that converts, so you can get back to focusing on what you do best – running your business! Once a blog article is indexed in search engines, it stays there, meaning your blog can still generate traffic and leads for weeks, months and even years after. We will help you cover topics that resonate with your target audience to keep them coming back for more. Blog articles are great to share on your social media channels or via email marketing. This strengthens your social media reach, helps your content be found and drives new visitors to your blog. It can also encourage people to share your content on social media. We would love to brainstorm some content ideas with you!

Customer feedback surveys

Real-time customer feedback is a powerful tool in the right hands.

Online surveys allow you to collect feedback directly from your customers. Find out what makes your customers happy and what they are less than satisfied with. Information gathered can help validate decisions and demonstrate to your existing and loyal customer base that you are interested in meeting and exceeding their needs.

The continued growth of social media means comments about a brand can be seen by thousands of potential customers almost instantly. Beat them to it! Using surveys to collect information and act on it shows that you care about your reputation as a customer-friendly brand that genuinely aims to serve customers.

We will help you design your customer survey to ensure that you achieve your goals and receive the valuable insights you need to improve your products and services. Customer satisfaction reports can be viewed in real-time, allowing you to make immediate changes when required. Let us know what you want to ask your customers, and we’ll make it happen!

We are making things easier with self-serve billing.

Most of our subscription payments are automated and invoices are emailed to your nominated inboxes. However, if you ever need to find an invoice, update your credit card information or any other details, you can now simply head to https://clients.wolfiq.com.au/ 

We look forward to having a conversation with you! Regardless of your goals, our first step is to listen, ask many questions, and ensure that we are all on the same page.

Our partnered approach means that we gain a privileged and in-depth understanding of your business. We like to refer to ourselves as a pack of growth evangelists. You will quickly learn that we can be a valued extension of your team and not just your typical web guys and gals.

Want to learn more?

Are you keen to chat more about your business and to explore how we can help? 

Written by Heath Maguire

Heath is the Creative Director at Wolf IQ and is known for his natural curiosity and consultative approach. He is just as comfortable talking strategy as he is with hands on digital execution.

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