Email & social media marketing

Our creative, engaging content is great when shared socially and ensures your marketing emails don’t end up in the trash. We use tools to ensure your messages will reach your target audience and be seen. Here are our top 3 tips in this space:

Don’t overdo it

We have all received spam emails – the ones that clog our inboxes… Some may say this is email marketing. Well, this is exactly what we don’t do! Our email campaigns are designed to add value to your current or future customers.

Content is king

Newsletter messages are skillfully composed to ensure maximum readability and serious cut through. We will work with you to determine the key objectives and then craft some awesome visuals to complement the messages.

Measure up

Reporting equals power. As they say, the numbers don’t lie! Wouldn’t you love to know who opened the email, what they clicked on and who they forwarded it to? Too easy. We can also arrange auto responses!