Before and Afters

A visual refresh may be just what the doctor ordered!

Sydney Hills ENT Clinic

We simplified the logo by removing the circular icon, this was not adding any value to the brand. The colour palate was refined to be more distinctive and have some ‘punch’. This was achieved by using complimentary colours for clarity and balance. Finally, a photoshoot provided us with still and moving images to place throughout the website, creating a genuine look and feel. 


example1-before example1-after

Mr and Mrs Gas

The Mr and Mrs Gas brand had good ‘bones’ however, we were keen to refine it further. This provides a modern look, which will last for next 5 years+. The electrocardiogram line from the old logo was used as inspiration for the line drawings throughout the website. We also enhanced the saturation of the colours, creating more energy and confidence within the brand.


example2-before example2-after

Westmead Orthopaedics

Central West Orthopaedics went through a restructure and needed a completely new brand – ‘Westmead Orthopaedics’. Our client was keen to remove any visual connection to the legacy brand, so gave us full creative freedom. We crafted a modern look, which takes advantage of full width design, vibrant blues and baked in call to actions. 


example4-after example4-before

Bug Zapper Lamps

A classic example of a website that has grown overtime and not ‘edited’ with the user in mind. We took a fresh look at this brand and made it more ‘electric’ to give it visual cut-through. The electric gradient created a visual identity, which was applied throughout the site. We offset this with plenty of white / light grey sections allowing for negative space (somewhere for the eye to rest).


example3-before example3-after

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