Articles by Chris Paradowski

by Chris Paradowski

Top marketing tips for tradies

It can be tough to find the time to spend marketing your business when you are flat out on the tools. You may not even know where to start. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

by Chris Paradowski

3 ways to improve your website accessibility

Ensuring everyone has access to your website is your responsibility. People with disabilities rely on online services out of necessity. Making sure these resources are optimised for all users is the equivalent of installing an access ramp at the entrance to a store.

by Chris Paradowski

The best payment gateway for 2021

Your website is already one of your most dedicated resources, so we dig into payment gateways as one of the best ways to swing open the doors for all customers who want to do business with you 24/7.

by Chris Paradowski

Outsource vs Insource, what’s best in 2021?

When to outsource vs insource your design and development? As an agency you may think our answer is unequivocally – OUTSOURCE! But you would be wrong...

by Chris Paradowski

Are online reviews really worth all the fuss? We say yes!

Cast your mind back to the last time you purchased something based on a recommendation. It could be as simple as what to order for lunch at your local cafe or something more substantial like which schools to consider for your children’s education. Each recommendation would have swayed your decision...

by Chris Paradowski

Does your website have a job description?

Simply put, if there is no JD, then how do we know if your website is successful? What criteria are we measuring it against? And no, “it looks great” is not an acceptable answer. Asking the below question awards you laser-like focus for your website’s strategy. We often pose a question to clients in the early planning stages...

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